If we’re lucky most of us will win £2 on a scratch card and try our luck on online casinos such as Wizard Slots. However, for a lucky few, it is possible to walk away with the winning of a lifetime…

1. Archie Karas

Anargyros Nicholas Karabourniotis story has been dubbed ‘The Run’, as he managed to stick with a winning streak from 1992-1995. Karas, who was born in Greece, began having huge successes with gambling alongside his job as a waiter and dipped in and out of poverty numerous times. 1992 saw him with just $50 dollars in his pocket. He drove to Las Vegas, scooped a $10,000 loan from his friend and over the next few months, netted $17 million. His luck did eventually run out, but his run has gone done in history.

2. Sean Connery

Now we all know the fictional James Bond would win and succeed at pretty much anything he turned his hand to, including poker. But what about a real-life James Bond winning his hand at the gambling tables? Well, this happened to Sean Connery, the actor who played James Bond between 1962 and 1983. In 1963, he won a staggering 163,000 by placing a bet on the number 17 whilst at a casino in the Alps. Turns out this was his lucky number, and he won it 3 times in a row against 50,000 to 1 odds.


3. Charles Deville Wells

You may be familiar with the term ‘breaking the bank’ in gambling but if not, the term refers to winning more money than the casino has in reserve. This has happened a few times in gambling history but one of the lucky men who managed to do this was Charles Deville Wells. He ended up winning $500,000, but this wasn’t exactly a clean win. The $400 he used to place the bet was swindled money and Wells was arrested three times during his lifetime for fraud.

4. Don Johnson

gambling responsiblyJohnson was lucky enough to net over $15 million from Atlantic City casinos back in 2011. However, he didn’t do this without some sort of help – he actually talked to the casinos about being granted special rules. On the back of the 2008 financial crisis, casinos were more than eager to pull in some high-stake players, so it was a no-brainer to negotiate with Johnson. Even if he won or lost, Johnson would walk away with winnings. As it turns out, he walked away with a pretty hefty sum.

5. Gonazol Garcia-Pelayo

This record-producer shot to fame in the 90s, when he brought his love of mathematics to the gambling scene and won big. After some in-depth research, he soon discovered that certain numbers were favoured on roulette tables. By applying this theory to the games he played, he managed to grab $70 million in 1992. By focusing on various flaws within the design of roulette tables, he was able to apply his theory and create a legal way of winning.