Fountain pens have a classy and timeless elegance to them that make them assert their place in the modern world despite the invention of ballpoint pens, rollerballs and memo apps on your phone.

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Here are our picks of the best entry level fountain pens on the market:

Pilot Metropolitan $18
For less than 20 dollars, this Japanese fountain pen writes crazy well for its price point. The Japanese prefer fine nib points so the XF nib point on this model is so fine it’s almost indistinguishable from a ballpoint. A good place to start when transitioning from ballpen world.

Parker IM #41
A bit of a step-up in terms of price from the Pilot Metro but this pen carries a great deal more class and heritage with it. Parker is a name brand known for its quality but obtainable priced writing instruments. The Parker IM has a good deal of weight to it making it feel more luxurious than the Metro. A worthy purchase for what you get at this price point.

Sheaffer Pop $17
Sheaffer is another quality brand name and for less than 20 dollars the Pop, which comes in an array of different colors and finishes should be kept in mind for your consideration. From solid colors to cartoon print finishes this fountain pen comes in every conceivable color option giving you a wide array of choice to find the pen that best suits you and screams “me!”

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