Shedding Light on Claiming Hail Damage Insurance


Shedding Light on Claiming Hail Damage Insurance

It’s a fact that hailstorms are one of the most destructive weather conditions that you and your home can experience. You roof is the most exposed part of your home and will take the brunt of the punishment during a hailstorm. Ensuring that you have a durable roof with hail damage insurance is a must if you want to keep your home protected while still being able to efficiently handle your finances when it comes to maintaining your roof. You need to be alert in assessing the damage that hailstorms have done to your roof to ensure that you can acquire hail damage insurance from the company who installed your roof. However, there are common misconceptions that exist when it comes to assessing the damage of your roof caused by hailstorms and in claiming hail damage insurance. What are these misconceptions?

I Didn’t See Any Damage on my Roof, There Isn’t Any Problem

This is probably the most common misunderstanding that a lot of homeowners have. There are types of damages that hailstones can deal to your home. A good example of this is bruising on your roof’s surface. At first glance, it may seem like there’s nothing wrong. But upon closer inspection, you can see that there are indentations and depressions on your roof which can result in the shingles collapsing if left being unrepaired. It is preferable that professionals should be the one conducting physical inspections as they can identify whether or not there is actual hail damage on your roof.

There’s Only a Year Left to File My Insurance Claim

While most insurance companies provide a one year time limit, though some provide even lesser time limit for their insurance claims, you may still file for insurance claim past this deadline. This would be dependent to the weather patterns of your locality. If there are widespread and frequent hailstorms in your location, they may still pay the claims even past the time limit they have set.


Intact Shingles, No Roof Damage

Looking at the outer appearance of your roof may hide the extent of the damage that it has taken after a hailstorm. Missing shingles indicate the damage caused by the wind and they may or may not happen during a hailstorm. There are hailstorms that can cause damage to your roof but don’t leave any visible traces like missing shingles. Thorough inspection should be taken to prevent cases like leaks caused by underlying roof damage.

My Roof Did Not Get Badly Damaged, I Don’t Need to File for Claim

While there may be minimal damage, it can still cause serious repercussions if not dealt with quickly. If there is damage on your roof, you should still file for insurance claim. That is the very reason why professionals should be the ones making the calls instead.

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Residential Construction Team


Residential Construction Team

Construction is a practice which involves the participation of several individuals coming from different professions but all tied together by a similar goal in mind. There are several branches of construction which have their own specific goals in mind. Industrial construction aims to build industrial infrastructures like factories, manufacturing buildings and warehouses. In commercial construction, different kinds of commercial establishments are made like shopping malls, boutiques, department stores, marketplaces and more. And then there’s residential construction which has a goal of building different kinds of housing units for their clients. In other words, residential construction is unique in itself as they’re not just making houses. They’re making homes.

When it comes to building homes, there’s no better way than to contact and get the help of a reliable residential construction company. With the services that they provide, you can rest assure that the home that you’re planning to build will be of high quality. The residential construction process involves a lot of people who are working hand in hand to create a safe and comfortable home that also carries an artistic sense of beauty. What are the teams that comprise the totality of the residential construction team? What are the roles of each team in the residential construction process? Here are the details on the planning team, the design team and the building team in residential construction.

The Planning Team

What the planning team does is the initial assessment of the project with the primary participation of the client. It’s their responsibility to get the necessary information about the location where the construction will take place. This includes the details of the land like the size, topography, characteristics and other information that may be necessary in the construction of the residential structure. The members working within the planning include the likes of the project manager, surveyors and the client himself. This is because it is in the planning phase that the client’s desires about the housing unit are obtained so they may coincide with the design and later on the overall construction of his home.


The Design Team

After the planning, the work is then passed on to the design team who will be the ones in charge of creating designs that clearly represent the plans that the client has set for them. The members of the design team are the architect and the engineers who draw up schematics and diagrams that are later going to be used in the construction.

The Building Team

The building team represents the total manpower of the residential construction team. The members include the likes of plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, roofers and more. They’re the ones who handle the labor after being given the necessary data from the planning team and design team. Discover more……

5 Biggest Wins in Gambling History

gambling win

If we’re lucky most of us will win £2 on a scratch card and try our luck on online casinos such as Wizard Slots. However, for a lucky few, it is possible to walk away with the winning of a lifetime…

1. Archie Karas

Anargyros Nicholas Karabourniotis story has been dubbed ‘The Run’, as he managed to stick with a winning streak from 1992-1995. Karas, who was born in Greece, began having huge successes with gambling alongside his job as a waiter and dipped in and out of poverty numerous times. 1992 saw him with just $50 dollars in his pocket. He drove to Las Vegas, scooped a $10,000 loan from his friend and over the next few months, netted $17 million. His luck did eventually run out, but his run has gone done in history. You can learn more about Online Casino over at

2. Sean Connery

Now we all know the fictional James Bond would win and succeed at pretty much anything he turned his hand to, including poker. But what about a real-life James Bond winning his hand at the gambling tables? Well, this happened to Sean Connery, the actor who played James Bond between 1962 and 1983. In 1963, he won a staggering 163,000 by placing a bet on the number 17 whilst at a casino in the Alps. Turns out this was his lucky number, and he won it 3 times in a row against 50,000 to 1 odds.


3. Charles Deville Wells

You may be familiar with the term ‘breaking the bank’ in gambling but if not, the term refers to winning more money than the casino has in reserve. This has happened a few times in gambling history but one of the lucky men who managed to do this was Charles Deville Wells. He ended up winning $500,000, but this wasn’t exactly a clean win. The $400 he used to place the bet was swindled money and Wells was arrested three times during his lifetime for fraud.

4. Don Johnson

gambling responsiblyJohnson was lucky enough to net over $15 million from Atlantic City casinos back in 2011. However, he didn’t do this without some sort of help – he actually talked to the casinos about being granted special rules. On the back of the 2008 financial crisis, casinos were more than eager to pull in some high-stake players, so it was a no-brainer to negotiate with Johnson. Even if he won or lost, Johnson would walk away with winnings. As it turns out, he walked away with a pretty hefty sum. You can click here to learn about the best slot sites on the internet.

5. Gonazol Garcia-Pelayo

This record-producer shot to fame in the 90s, when he brought his love of mathematics to the gambling scene and won big. After some in-depth research, he soon discovered that certain numbers were favoured on roulette tables. By applying this theory to the games he played, he managed to grab $70 million in 1992. By focusing on various flaws within the design of roulette tables, he was able to apply his theory and create a legal way of winning.…

5 Things To Look For When Booking A Gambling Vacation

5 Things To Look For When Booking A Gambling Vacation

If you are a gambling enthusiast, then one thing you almost always look forward to on a trip is the presence of slot machines. Even though you can play most quality slots on sites like 666 Casino, there’s something about the retro feel of winding down a slot machine in a physical casino. There are several things a punter needs to factor in when booking a gambling vacation. These tips work for anyone traveling with friends, kids or family so pay close attention.

1. Location

Everyone dreams of going to the casino capital of the world- Las Vegas, not knowing that there are tons of other options to choose from that can provide an equally thrilling and memorable experience. Some examples include the Fallsview Casino Resort (Niagara Falls), Atlantis Paradise Island resort (Bahamas), Atlantic City, or Palm Beach Casino London if you want to hit closer to home.

[Best Fountain Pens for Beginners]

2. Getting The Most Value

Professional betters are always looking for casinos where they can get the most value for their money like the 666 Casino. The search doesn’t stop when you’re planning for your next vacation.
Travelers must find out where the best bets in town are. Usually, smaller casinos located away from the city have a higher likelihood of offering player friendly machines and tables. Such venues don’tusually get tourists streaming in as often as the megaresorts do.These operators compete for tourist numbers by lowering the rake, improving odds and boosting payouts.

3. Affordability

The motivation behind any holiday should be fun, but you should also be looking to save money. This is regardless of the fact that you will be winning money when you go on your gambling escapades. Avoid booking your room on Fridays or the weekends since rates go up.

4. Variety in Gaming

In a gambling vacation, it’s highly possible that you will spend most of the time on a casino floor. You can’t be playing on one machine for countless of hours. Gamblers should aim to choose venues which provide a selection of gaming options. The more floor space on a casino, the more slot machines and table games it will have.
If you book accommodation at an older more trusted casino, you can expect to wage your way through the same inventory maintained over the years, while if you go to a newer joint, you can expect a selection of new gaming products.

5. Amenities

Remember that when you’re finally on the gambling vacation of your dreams that it’s not just about your entertainment, but for your family as well. The experience should be fulfilling for the whole lot of you. while you’re gambling your way to riches, your family, spouse, friends need to have something to do. Always scan a casino’s amenities before booking a trip to gauge what level of fun options these offer your kids.

The Bellagio is famous for its fountains, there’s the shark tank at Golden Nugget, rooftop roller-coaster, spa treatments, night tournaments, bowling alleys, movie theatres, and so much more. It’s up to you to see to it that everyone’s interests have been catered to so that you’re not the only one having all the fun.

A gambling vacation may be the best thing that can happen to you this year if you’re looking for a moment to relax and de-stress doing what you love. This would be a great experience for your spouse or friend, just make sure to show them these tips before they’re set to go for the trip.

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Best Fountain Pens for Beginners


Fountain pens have a classy and timeless elegance to them that make them assert their place in the modern world despite the invention of ballpoint pens, rollerballs and memo apps on your phone.

[3 Of The Best Wall Clock Brands and Makers]

Here are our picks of the best entry level fountain pens on the market:

Pilot Metropolitan $18
For less than 20 dollars, this Japanese fountain pen writes crazy well for its price point. The Japanese prefer fine nib points so the XF nib point on this model is so fine it’s almost indistinguishable from a ballpoint. A good place to start when transitioning from ballpen world.

Parker IM #41
A bit of a step-up in terms of price from the Pilot Metro but this pen carries a great deal more class and heritage with it. Parker is a name brand known for its quality but obtainable priced writing instruments. The Parker IM has a good deal of weight to it making it feel more luxurious than the Metro. A worthy purchase for what you get at this price point.

Sheaffer Pop $17
Sheaffer is another quality brand name and for less than 20 dollars the Pop, which comes in an array of different colors and finishes should be kept in mind for your consideration. From solid colors to cartoon print finishes this fountain pen comes in every conceivable color option giving you a wide array of choice to find the pen that best suits you and screams “me!”

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3 Of The Best Wall Clock Brands and Makers


How about we take a look at some of the best wall clock brands. These are not only the best producers; they are also the ones who are offering the most affordable and widely used of this awesome invention. Everyone has its own particular style and what it’s great at it.

Advance Clock Co.

Advance makes what I would call stately and great looking design pieces of wall clocks. They make one wall clock specifically which is surrounded by wrought iron leaves. It is an awesome piece to use either in an outdoor porch-type setting or indoors in a room with flowering plants.

Most of their clocks, however, are variations on the standard clock. They do not have any kind of extravagant decoration and rather focus on the simple. Oak red frames, black frames, and some that harken back to navigational sea motifs. All are available for less than $25. Numerous are well below that clocking at the single digits.

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La Crosse Technology

La Crosse branches out into using more unconventional technologies. For instance, it is probably best known for its digital, atomic wall clock of which it has two or three varieties. This piece will be bordered by either wood or metal and is costlier than our previous example: somewhere in the range of $28 to $65.

It is also in an unusual rectangle shape. However, La Crosse isn’t all weird. They additionally make a couple nice circular wall clock. These might keep running on nuclear time. In any case, they have a nice stately and simple design. Coincidentally, some of their clocks include temperature and moon phase readouts, so this should limit your decision immediately.

Infinity Instruments

A lot of Infinity instruments/wall clocks are a bit on the higher end, however, most are still exceptionally affordable. You can get a retro green or red wall clock for about $30 from Infinity. I would classify much of their style as bringing just a bit different. I know they have on occasion enlisted the help of real-life fashion designers, and this occasionally shows.

Get your most preferred wall clock from the above and more best brands and makers today.

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