Residential Construction Team

Construction is a practice which involves the participation of several individuals coming from different professions but all tied together by a similar goal in mind. There are several branches of construction which have their own specific goals in mind. Industrial construction aims to build industrial infrastructures like factories, manufacturing buildings and warehouses. In commercial construction, different kinds of commercial establishments are made like shopping malls, boutiques, department stores, marketplaces and more. And then there’s residential construction which has a goal of building different kinds of housing units for their clients. In other words, residential construction is unique in itself as they’re not just making houses. They’re making homes.

When it comes to building homes, there’s no better way than to contact and get the help of a reliable residential construction company. With the services that they provide, you can rest assure that the home that you’re planning to build will be of high quality. The residential construction process involves a lot of people who are working hand in hand to create a safe and comfortable home that also carries an artistic sense of beauty. What are the teams that comprise the totality of the residential construction team? What are the roles of each team in the residential construction process? Here are the details on the planning team, the design team and the building team in residential construction.

The Planning Team

What the planning team does is the initial assessment of the project with the primary participation of the client. It’s their responsibility to get the necessary information about the location where the construction will take place. This includes the details of the land like the size, topography, characteristics and other information that may be necessary in the construction of the residential structure. The members working within the planning include the likes of the project manager, surveyors and the client himself. This is because it is in the planning phase that the client’s desires about the housing unit are obtained so they may coincide with the design and later on the overall construction of his home.


The Design Team

After the planning, the work is then passed on to the design team who will be the ones in charge of creating designs that clearly represent the plans that the client has set for them. The members of the design team are the architect and the engineers who draw up schematics and diagrams that are later going to be used in the construction.

The Building Team

The building team represents the total manpower of the residential construction team. The members include the likes of plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, roofers and more. They’re the ones who handle the labor after being given the necessary data from the planning team and design team. Discover more